Nowadays, the life is going up and requirements about beauty for living places, motorcycles, cars, offices, shops, household items… One of the simplest ways is to add color to the product to make the difference and attract more. For that reason, the aluminum anode technology is put into a lot of applications in life as well as in many industries. Aluminium anode technology has 2 purposes:

-First one, dye aluminium color to make a difference or to meet the technical needs needed

-Second one, hard aluminum anode create certain rigidity in accordance with the demand used in some industries.

Anode dye Aluminum will create products that are more colorful and eye-catching than the hard aluminum Anode. When conducting the hard aluminum anode process, only two colors are black and the color of aluminum

When the anode is dyed aluminium color, the color will cling over aluminum for quite some time gradually fading. If so in the office environment, the housing is less exposed to the sun and the high temperature then the color will survive on aluminum longer. There are a number of organic colors dedicated to the production of pots and pans because these colors have high temperature capability

Anode dye aluminum is simpler than if compare to aluminum make Anode hard, in terms of cost as well as technical hard aluminum Anode required much higher than aluminum Anode staining. Products from the aluminium dye anode are heavily used in everyday life than its brothers. Usually the aluminum hard anode process will be less steps than the aluminum anode staining, but it takes more time. Since this is the technical requirement required for the hard-aluminum anodizing process, to achieve different hardness, the requirements for temperature and timing will vary.