AB VIETNAM keep moving to become top of companies in metal processing and outsourcing.

With principals are: Reputation – Quality – Professional and active employees have years experience in plating industry. So, AB VIETNAM always provides best services for customers.

AB VIETNAM provides services following:

  • Zinc Plating: blue white zinc, black zinc, 7 colors, Cr3 +, Cr6 +
  • Nickel plating: glossy nickel, black nickel, matt nickel, nickel-chromium plating, chemical nickel plating (non-electric nickel).
  • Plating Aluminum: aluminum anode, aluminum staining, aluminum surface protection.
  • Yellow poker: plated with 18k gold, 24k …
  • Chromium plating: hard chrome plating, decorative chrome plating, chrome plating on aluminum-iron-stainless steel
  • Plating Copper: Plating red copper, brass, antique imitation copper.
  • Stainless steel electrolyte, stainless steel poker
  • Plating, restoring machine parts.
  • Tyben hard chrome plating, roller, hydraulic cylinder
  • Polished metal, stainless steel, sand blasted surface.
  • Machining, turning, grinding, hard chrome plating restoring roller, shaft, roller, tyben …. with high hardness and precision, abrasion resistance, oxidation.
  • We look forward to collaborating partners from everywhere.