Standard galvanized process consists of 8 stages which are controlled strictly by technicians and skilled workers.

How is the galvanizing process performed?

Standard galvanized process consists of 8 stages which are controlled strictly by technicians and skilled workers. Keeping track of Vietnam’s in-depth analysis will help you see the general picture of this advanced galvanized technology.

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Galvanized standard process is analyse by expert 

Galvanizing create a layer to protect metal surface from abrasion and oxygenation that helps the product to durable and keep the color as new over time. Despite the support of modern equipment and machines, we have to implement the new technical process to obtain the highest quality zinc coating.

So the galvanizing process is the same as nickel plating, gold plating or chromium plating? You get the correct answer after finding out specific 8 galvanized steps below:


The material to be galvanized will be soaked in a detergent solution for about 10 -15 minutes, depending on the condition and characteristics of the metal.

Rust Remover

After cleansing the grease, we continue to soak the material into solution HCl concentrations of 8 – 15%.

Electrochemical removal

When cleansed by the electrochemical method, the gas will drain on the electrode to separate the grease on the surface of the product.

Trung HOA

Before galvanizing, the material will undergo a neutrisation in the HCl solution to remove the iron ions and the oxide plaque. The Neutrhoa stage takes place within 3 – 20 seconds at regular temperatures.

Zinc plated Poker

The most important stage in the galvanizing process is to create a zinc plating layer onto the material surface.

Finely-crystallizing, pure and corrosion-resistant coating. Control the thickness with the time and density of the plating line.

The details should be highly precise, without compromising the accuracy of the details.


Finishing the galvanizing phase, the mechanic will conduct the operation to increase the shine for the surface of the product.


The material has zinc plating thanks to the corrosion resistance of the galvanized layer of zinc plated, galvanized with bright white color, yellow bridge ring, blue, yellow, black…


The product will be put into the drying cabinet after it has been carefully stained. The drying helps the colors of the plating layer more evenly and the material surface is more polished, shiny.

Product inspection

Before bringing the product to the customer’s hand, the technician will use the thickness gauge and observe the color of the plating layer carefully. If the product is not satisfactory, we are required to carry out the plating.

Why use zinc plating method?

Zinc plating technology is being commonly applied in the transport equipment manufacturing industry such as automobiles, motorcycles, ships, trains, bicycles,… With the advantage of the larger negative voltage, zinc has the ability to protect the metal surface well even if the coating no longer holds the original thickness.

According to the Vietnamese expert assessment, zinc plating materials can reach a lifespan of up to 50 years under normal conditions. So the galvanizing method is the top choice of many large-scale works.