The 7-Color galvanized technology has the effect of protecting metals, corrosion resistance along with good price is currently being selected by many companies plating.

Galvanizing technology 7 color metal Protection

The 7-Color galvanized technology has the effect of protecting metals, corrosion resistance and reasonable price is currently being selected by many plating companies.

Galvanized 7 Colors can be used in many different cases, but the most common is still used to plated decorative and protective corrosion for metals.

The product is zinc plated 7 color is the special appearance of bright yellow color has thick characteristics help to protect the metal surface well. In addition, the passive membrane is firmly attached to the zinc plated surface, this membrane has high porosity so it is easier to dye or paint better.

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+ 7-Color Galvanized Poker Solution

The details of zinc plating need to soak in the yellow chromate solution to make the product has yellow or iridescent yellow color. After you have prepared the solution, you simply dip into the solution for a few minutes, then the zinc and the Cromat will react to a new color.

+ 7-Color zinc surface activation

Before performing the surface passively coating of zinc plating must be in an active state, otherwise you need to operate zinc plated or zinc alloy in the solution of H2SO4 acid from 5-15g/liter at room temperature in 2-5s to rinse then new chromate or passively say them.

Next, you purge the zinc plated layer by embedding it into HNO3 acid solution from 2-30g/L at room temperature from 6-10s. Alternatively, you can also use the mixture of upper acids with Cromat or bicromat to proceed passively to the zinc.

During using, you need to monitor the adjustment of passive solution concentrations in a timely manner because its concentration decreases rapidly for the water-plated-substitution rinse into the solution to the product.

To check the quality of the passive membrane you can use a solution of lead acetate, without the chromate membrane, the black dots of lead are present due to exposure. The chromate membrane prevents contact reaction, the membrane is rated as well if after 5s for the colorless film and 60s for the new colored membrane appearing black dots on galvanized surfaces.

+ The salt spraying time of the 7 color galvanized layer

The iridescent yellow chromate on the galvanized cadmium concentrated liquid is used at 0.5-3% by volume in water at 65-90 degrees Fahrenheit.

The end has resistance to salt spray that helps to overcome the usual 48 hours of salt spraying prescribed for yellow chromate on zinc.

The above is the 7 color galvanizing technology hoping to help you better understand this plating process. Wish you success!