The matte nickel plating is the process use current and nickel-plated chemicals to create a protective coating that covers the surface of non-gloss metal material, has a translucent white and opaque color, which is able to improve the characteristics.

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The nickel coating on the metal surface has good adhesion, along with abrasion resistance. In addition, the layer of nickel plating is dim difficult, so it is effective to use anti-oxidant for metals. With the characteristic of nickel plating is very popular and popular in other industries and sectors.

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Surface machining Material: conduct metal surface treatment with the smoothed and gloss, then wipe the grease, dirt with the solvent solution, and rinse the water.

Check the surface of a concave or cracked material that needs to be corrected immediately to increase the adhesion and the uniform of the nickel plating layer.

Check the clean level of the material by giving the material to the water tank, if but also dirt, pollution then these dirt will automatically rise to the water surface and you can easily remove them.

Conducting the nickel plating process: In the process of niken plating you need to take note, attaching the material to galvanizing the cathodetic electrode, attaching the metal to the Anot pole into the power source. In this case, the positive power of the mains will suck the electrons, in the oxidation and release of the positive metal ions and roofing metal In The chem
ical industry, usually nickel plating to protect those parts exposed to the corrosive environment, nickel plating is also dung in the printing technique, plating the print mold , increased surface rigidity, increased corrosion resistance. Nickel plating technology is used to decorate the household appliances, bicycle parts, medical instruments.

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Nickel-plated metal products have benefits such as: improve hardness and ductility, increased resistance to corrosion especially, the nickel plating layer also helps the material surface to become shiny and more aesthetic.