The polished nickel plating technology is a high gloss for the plating surface, which is also more outstanding than other coatings, as other coatings usually only improve a small fraction of the gloss of the metal base alone. As for the polished nickel plated, the nickel coating will make the polish completely and also achieve high quality. In addition, nickel gloss plating technology will make the metal surface achieve the shine as mirror and can reflect the light.

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Polished nickel plating is the process use electric current and nickel plating chemicals to create a protective layer cover on the surface of metal material. This coating has made the surface shiny as suitable decorative mirror and increased resistance to better, abrasion resistance, household use metal material in long time.


The metal surface covered by the glossy nickel plating layer will have a higher gloss than other plating layers usually have no high gloss, very good abrasion resistance. Besides, the nickel coating will be completely polished and the high quality is achieved. In addition, with nickel gloss plating technology will make the metal surface achieve the shine as mirror and can reflect the light.

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1. Surface Treatment: Surface machining by mechanical method such as grinding ball, grinding mind… To get a metallic surface to be smooth and glossy.

2. Grease Remover: Use chemicals to clean grease, dirt and dust on the metal, then rinse with clean water.

3. Removal of the ball: removing the dirt, defects left wrong when machining with the chemical method of chemical technology.

4. Surface activation: For the purpose of increasing adhesion between plating chemical to metal surface.

5. Clad lining up on the metal side: plating bronze for when making nickel plating to give the surface layer to be better polished.

6. Preparation of Solution: prepare plating chemical in the tank.

7. Conducting the nickel plating process: put the prepared material into galvanizing tank.

8. After finishing the process: we have to rinse the product right again with water and drying the product.

9. Check the nickel plating layer.

Note: The downside of nickel gloss is that the surface can be light yellow. So after the polished nickel plating is finished, you should add a layer of chromium plating about 2 microns for the product will help to bring optimum efficiency.

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Currently, Nickel gloss plating technology is widely used in the market. The outer nickel plating technology ensures good corrosion resistance in the air environment then it also has the advantage of increasing the aesthetics for components, machinery, plating equipment.

The glossy nickel plating technology is applied in term practice such as plating up materials, popular equipment such as locks, locks, fan covers, medical instruments, household appliances…


The nickel coating is a metal surface that is capable of increasing durability as well as the ability to withstand the product.

Besides, the surface of the product that has been plated with nickel gloss will get the shine as mirror and can reflect the appropriate light in the decoration.
The metal products are plating nickel gloss improves hardness and plasticity, the resistance to corrosion is improved

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