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Nickel Chromium plating is the process to wrap the metal surface by a layer of nickel plating and followed by a layer of chromium above, after the process of metal products will be shiny, white green and more good looking.

Nickel Chromium plating technology not only has one purpose is increase against, improving quality and increasing structural strength that this nickel chromium coating also enhances the aesthetic value for the product. And the products are plated nickel chromium layer will have glossy and blue light, which is very popular nowadays. 

Nickel chromium syrup


The coating of nickel chromium wrap on metal surface help metal more against with environment and it’s also good looking with: the brightness and blue light, increasing the aesthetic value of the product is plated. Moreover, it’s popular in other industries and life as well as.

Nickel Chromium Syrup 1


Nickel Chromium Plating technology is the process of plating a combination of multiple layers stacked in turn consisting of: nickel – chromium.
1. Material Surface Treatment: made by machining methods such as grinding, centrifugal grinding… As the metal surface requirement must be smoothed and polished in order to increase the adhesion of the plating layer to the surface.

2. Grease and rust: Clean the dust and remove the grease after the remaining machining process and the rusty stain is also sticking on the surface of the metal material by chemical method. Depending on the type of metal that uses a different bleach solution.

3. We carry metal plating: for metal material into the tank containing the solution of plating, attaching the material to be plated into the cathodetic pole, the anodizing pole into the power source. This process has different plating layers and needs to be followed by nickel first, then to chromium.

4. End Process: Rinse the product again with water and inspect the coating.

5. Surface Coating test: Quality plating must have beautiful shiny surface and no fault such as needle or pitted point.

In addition, the method is nickel plated plating then to chromium plating, however you must note that the Chromium plating layer is the ultimate plating. Because the chromium plating layer is the outermost layer to keep the surface hardness increases. The bottom plating layer will have the task of protecting, corrosion, so the product can be used long-lasting.


Nickel Chromium plating technology is widely used in various industrial fields. In it, decorative nickel plating are often used plating in industries such as: production of OTO, motorcycle, bicycle, electronics, medical equipment, measurement equipment, industrial machine parts, food… And some other civil products to serve in life.


Nickel chromium coating increases resistance to abrasion and resistance in unfavorable environments. Nickel
Chromium plating technology is capable of increasing hardness and durability for metals, in addition to being suitable for decoration if required.

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